Join Noel Christmas’ Ugly Sweater Contest Now!

The holidays are about family traditions and celebrating with loved ones. However, there are also parts of Christmastime that are just plain amusing — think about gift exchanges and watching endless strings of holiday movies. Well, here at Noel we decided to create our own batch of fun by hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest! All of the details are below, and if you don’t have a holiday sweater handy, we’ve got that covered, too! 

The contest goes from December 18 up to December 20, 2021!

How to Enter Noel’s Ugly Sweater Contest

couple taking selfie and wearing ugly sweater

Entering our contest is easy: 

  1. Come to Noel Light Park & Christmas Market wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater you have. 
  2. Take a photo of yourself (wearing your unsightly family-friendly sweater, of course!) in front of your favorite Noel attraction or display. 
  3. Post your photo on Instagram tagging @noelmilwaukee and using the hashtag #noelmilwaukeemyuglysweater. 

That’s it! Oh, and be sure your account is public so that we can see your entry. We have a panel of seven expert Christmas lovers who will be picking the winner, so feel free to get creative with your sweater, Noel backdrop, and poses. Show your love for Noel and all things Christmas! 

The winners will be announced via Instagram! Good luck!

What are the prizes for the winners?

woman wearing ugly sweater

Beyond bragging rights, we have great prizes for our winners. Here’s what’s in store for the ugliest wearables of all. 

  • 1st Place – $50 Visa gift card and 2 tickets to Noel
  • 2nd Place – $25 Visa gift card and 2 Noel tickets
  • 3rd Place – 2 tickets to come back and enjoy Noel

Where to Get an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Lacking ideas and don’t see a holiday sweater insight? Here are some ideas for coming up with a fabulously unfashionable look in a hurry. 

Go thrifting 

friends at party wearing ugly sweater

It’s amazing what you can find at a local thrift store. Plus, this route is highly budget-friendly. By heading to a resale shop, you can discover terribly ugly Christmas sweaters, sweatshirts, and t-shirts from all eras.

Try DIY 

If you have a plain sweater or sweatshirt at home, gather some extra holiday decorations, and make your own ugly Christmas sweater. Either hot glue, sew, or pin decor onto your top, depending on how attached you are to your shirt. You can even add battery-powered lights, garland, and ornaments. DIY is such a great way to get creative. 

Ask grandma

Ok, you have to be very subtle with this one, but the chances are that your grandparents or parents may have something to fit the bill right in their wardrobes. Holiday-themed sweaters, vests, and button-downs often take up residence in the back of closets for decades. Simply ask if you can borrow a Christmas sweater — you don’t even have to add the word “ugly.”

No matter what you come up with, we hope you’ll visit Noel and join our Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. Good luck! For more info on Noel themed events visit the events calendar!

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